LGBT Affirmative Therapy

What is LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy?

Linda Santiman received a special certification in LGBT Affirmative Therapy along with a Masters in Psychology from Antioch University. Here is the description of the LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy practice from Antioch University, Los Angeles: 

"This school of thought is derived from activist efforts following the Stonewall Rebellion in 1969, which saw the de-pathologization of homosexuality in psychiatry and which subsequently birthed a rich legacy of scholarship and clinical practice based in the study and strengthening of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender identity, wholeness, and social transformation throughout the lifespan.
LGBT-Affirmative theory and practice addresses itself to that contradiction that, despite improvements in civil rights and increased visibility, psychological problems persist for many LGBT individuals.

Centuries of erasure of ancient homosexual, bisexual and gender-variant wisdom traditions have caused trauma in the collective and personal psyche. While this injury can be hidden in society, it can result in a crisis of meaning on the personal and societal level."

LGBT Affirmative Therapy seeks to bring the LGBT context back into the therapy practice with compassion, wisdom, and celebration. A goal is to develop the LGBT identity and psychology to its fullest potential."  

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